Varsity Spirit
Expanded Catastrophic Medical CoverageExpanded Catastrophic Medical Coverage
for College Level Cheer Squads, Dance Teams & Mascotsfor College Level Cheer Squads, Dance Teams & Mascots
Mutual of Omaha

Program Description

Varsity Spirit LLC, including UCA, NCA, USA, UDA and NDA (Varsity), is pleased to announce the development of the Expanded Cheerleading/Dance Team Catastrophic Medical Insurance Program, which enables institutions to purchase affordable, Catastrophic Medical coverage to fill certain “gaps” in coverage. Varsity has worked with Mutual of Omaha (current Insurer for Varsity and NCAA Catastrophic Medical policies) to make such coverage available to college institutions that participate in at least one Varsity camp or competition throughout the year.
Why do we need this coverage?

The Catastrophic Medical coverage that is provided through the Varsity and NCAA policies provides coverage for many, but not necessarily all, of the institution’s cheerleading and dance team activities. Activities for which institutions may not currently have coverage through the Varsity or NCAA policies include participating in a fundraiser, alumni event, parade, or practicing for a Varsity camp/clinic/competition. Please note that the practice coverage under this program applies to those practices that occur within a period beginning five days before the first day of scheduled class in the fall term and ending on the last day of class in the spring term, or such practices must occur within a period beginning five days before the first day of camp and ending on the day of camp.

Please see the attached College Cheerleading Insurance Coverage Information document for a thorough review and comparison of the three policies (Varsity, Expanded Cheerleading Coverage and NCAA) click here or review Frequently Asked Questions about this topic please click here.

Who does it cover?
The policy provides coverage for all collegiate level student cheerleaders, dancers and mascots of an college or university cheer or dance team that has registered to attend a Varsity sponsored event, completed the required enrollment form and paid the appropriate premium. Only the team that is recognized by the institution as the actual sideline/courtside spirit/dance squad that regularly supports the institutions athletic teams is eligible for coverage.

Please note that coverage for cheerleading teams is only available to those cheerleading teams with an AACCA safety-certified cheerleading coach or advisor.

What is the cost?
The premium is $21.00 per cheerleader/dance team member/mascot with an annual minimum premium of $435.00 per enrollment form. Premium is based on the number of cheerleaders, dancers and mascots on the team at your peak point of enrollment during the year. Please note if your cheer teams and dance teams enroll using separate enrollment forms, the minimum premium will apply to each form.
How does it work?
  • Institution enrolls and pays for coverage online.
  • Institution receives evidence of coverage after enrolling.
  • Mutual of Omaha will manage all claims.

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding this coverage, please contact Insight Risk Management, Inc. at 901-278-5375 or or